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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.

Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is the decision making body at Bromsgrove District Council. Bromsgrove District Council has adopted the “Leader and Cabinet” model.


Currently six Councillors sit on the Cabinet. The Leader of the Council presides over meetings of the Cabinet.


Each of the Cabinet Members represents a particular subject area or “portfolio”.  At present the portfolios are as follows:


Councillor G. N. Denaro – Leader of the Council without Portfolio (Retaining Governance/Policy and Performance and HR);


Councillor K. J. May – Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for  Economic Development, Town Centre and Strategic Partnerships;


Councillor B. T. Cooper – Portfolio Holder for Finance and Enabling;


Councillor M. A. Sherrey – Portfolio Holder for Health and Well Being and Environmental Services


Councillor C. B. Taylor – Portfolio Holder for Planning Services and Strategic Housing;


Councillor P. J. Whittaker – Portfolio Holder for Community Services and Leisure and Cultural Services.


Each Portfolio Holder is responsible for involvement in partnerships within their sphere of responsibility