Voting record

Voting record

 Council, Wednesday 20th July 2022 6.00 p.m.

Item: Motions on Notice

Parkside Maintenance Costs:

Motion status:Rejected

Members took a recorded vote on the following proposed Motion on Notice:


“Forking out £240,000 running costs for Parkside that rattles plus £138,000 to Redditch Council, to many is seen as financial incompetence and a cavalier approach to spending the hard-earned money of its residents at a time of a cost-of-living crisis.


We therefore call upon the Council to form a cross-party task group to carry out a full investigation into financial arrangements with Redditch Council: which it would seem to have left Bromsgrove Council with running costs of a £240,000; for what is a mainly an unused building while at the same time paying out £138,000 for use of Redditch Council's premises.”


Councillor A. Kent had left the meeting by the time that this vote was taken and therefore no vote has been recorded for him.



ForS. J. Baxter, S. R. Colella, S. P. Douglas, A. B. L. English, C.A. Hotham, R. J. Hunter, J. E. King, L. C. R. Mallett, P. M. McDonald, S. A. Robinson and H. D. N. Rone-Clarke11
AgainstA. J. B. Beaumont, R. J. Deeming, G. N. Denaro, S. G. Hession, H. J. Jones, A. D. Kriss, K.J. May, M. Middleton, M. A. Sherrey, C. J. Spencer, P.L. Thomas, M. Thompson and S. A. Webb13
Conflict Of InterestsNone0