Voting record

Voting record

 Council, Wednesday 20th April 2022 6.00 p.m.

Item: Constitution Review Working Group Recommendations

Recorded vote on the decision not to hold Council meetings in pre-election periods:

Resolution status:Carried

In accordance with Procedure Rule 18.3 a recorded vote as taken on the proposal received from the Constitution Review Working Group that there should be no Council meetings held during the pre-election period unless the Proper Officer determines that a meeting is required.


ForA. J. B. Beaumont, R. J. Deeming, G. N. Denaro, M. Glass, S. G. Hession, R. J. Hunter, H. J. Jones, J. E. King, A. D. Kriss, K.J. May, M. Middleton, C. J. Spencer, P.L. Thomas, M. Thompson, J. Till, K. J.  Van Der Plank, S. A. Webb and P. J. Whittaker18
AgainstS. J. Baxter, S. R. Colella, S. P. Douglas, A. B. L. English, C.A. Hotham, L. C. R. Mallett, P. M. McDonald and H. D. N. Rone-Clarke8
Conflict Of InterestsNone0