Voting record

Voting record

 Council, Wednesday 1st December 2021 6.00 p.m.

Item: Motions on Notice (to follow)

Recorded vote in respect of a Motion on Notice:

Motion status:Rejected

A recorded vote was taken on the following Motion in accordance with Procedure Rules 18.3:


“Enforcement of traffic orders outside of the Town Centre is now a rarity and many residents are being put at risk because of a lack of traffic enforcement.  Therefore, this Council looks to increase the capacity of Enforcement Officers as part of the 2022/23 budget setting process so outlying areas such as Rubery are policed efficiently.”


ForS. J. Baxter, S. R. Colella, S. P. Douglas, A. B. L. English, R. E. Jenkins, J. E. King, P. M. McDonald, S. A. Robinson, H. D. N. Rone-Clarke and K. J.  Van Der Plank10
AgainstA. J. B. Beaumont, R. J. Deeming, G. N. Denaro, M. Glass, H. J. Jones, A. D. Kriss, K.J. May, M. Middleton, M. A. Sherrey, C. J. Spencer, P.L. Thomas, M. Thompson, J. Till and P. J. Whittaker14
Conflict Of InterestsNone0