Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
High House Wood - Asset of Community Value Report20/09/2019For Determination23/10/2019
Estate Management and Facilities Management Structure Proposals19/09/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Essential Living Fund Policy09/09/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Worcestershire Minerals Plan Statement of Common Grounds05/09/2019For Determination20/11/2019
Wyre Forest Local Plan - BDC response to Pre Submission Plan02/09/2019For Determination20/11/2019
Residual Waste Minimisation Business Case07/08/2019For Determination23/10/2019
Leisure and Cultural Services Strategy01/08/2019For Determination22/04/2020
Domestic Abuse Policy - Identifying Abuse and Responding Effectively01/05/2019For Determination20/11/2019
Bromsgrove Plan Review - Local Development Scheme01/05/2019For Determination15/01/2020
Review of the Council Tax Support Scheme01/05/2019For Determination20/11/2019
Cofton Hackett and Lickey and Blackwell Neighbourhood Plan01/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 22/01/2020
Review of the Customer Access and Financial Support Service01/05/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Medium Term Financial Plan - Update Report01/05/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Members ICT Policy01/04/2019For DeterminationNot before 04/12/2019
Finance Monitoring Quarter 3 Report01/04/2019For Determination18/03/2020
Pay Policy Statement 2020/2101/04/2019For Determination26/02/2020
Medium Term Financial plan - 2020/21 - 2023/2401/04/2019For Determination26/02/2020
Council Tax Base 2020/2101/04/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Medium Term Financial Plan - Update Report01/04/2019For Determination15/01/2020
Finance Monitoring Quarter 2 Report01/04/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Fees and Charges 2020/2101/04/2019For Determination22/01/2020
Medium Term Financial Plan - update Report01/04/2019For Determination23/10/2019
North Worcestershire Economic Growth Strategy01/03/2019For Determination22/01/2020