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Worcestershire Regulatory Services Annual Report


The Committee considered a report which detailed the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Annual Report 2014 / 2015.


The Acting Head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) informed the Committee that under the Worcestershire Shared Services Partner Agreement the Joint Committee was required to receive the annual report at its annual meeting.  The report covered the performance of the service for the period 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.


The Acting Head of WRS informed Members that as Acting Head of WRS he felt the report highlighted the terrific of performance of WRS.  Performance indicators had improved with service transformation and the report was a tribute to the team.  He was proud to see what had been achieved not only against the financial restraints the service had had to face but also the outcome of the recent procurement exercise undertaken.  Although procurement did not deliver a strategic partnership, it showed the strengths of WRS and that other authorities saw WRS as professional, robust and sustainable for the future.


Mr. M. Kay, Business Manager, WRS drew Members’ attention to the key achievements for WRS in 2014/2015 as detailed in the report.  WRS key performance measures continued to focus on customer satisfaction and the positive compliance of businesses, with all but one performance indicator going up.  There was an increase in income generation with income generated from a range of sources.  Over twenty staff members of the Community Environmental Health Team have undertaken Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme training, which could provide the potential for extending the work of WRS into this sector.


Mr. S. Wilkes, Business Manager, WRS continued to inform Members on the service delivery highlights throughout the year, the year had been the busiest year for WRS on record for formal actions, with fifteen case investigations currently either in the court system or in the final stages of investigation.  The Technical Pollution Team had worked in conjunction with Hitachi Zozen on managing the environmental impact of the construction phase of Severn Waste’s Energy from Waste plant in Hartlebury.  Following evidence from reports produced following the Rochdale and Rotherham incidents, the sexual exploitation of children was identified as something that could happen anywhere and local authorities needed to take action to reduce risks and support the detection of crime.  WRS recognised they had a role to play, particularly in relation to some of the individuals and businesses licensed by partners.  WRS were now at the forefront of raising awareness of these dangers and have raised awareness to over 2,500 Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers, by means of letters to individual taxi drivers and taxi forums to provide information.  WRS officers have been made aware of signs to look out for and to pass these onto the trade.


Members agreed that it would be good practice to send a copy of the WRS Annual Report to all partner authorities Members as well as partner authorities Chief Executives and Managing Directors.


The Chairman thanked officers for an excellent report, with Members in agreement that issues raised by them throughout the year had been taken into account.  The report reflected the excellent work of WRS to ensure the protection of our communities.


Councillor J. Fisher reiterated this and expressed his thanks to the WRS Management Team and staff on their continued hard work.  He felt that the Joint Committee depended on the professionalism and hard work of WRS.



(a)          that the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Annual Report 2014/2015 be noted; and

(b)          that a copy of the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Annual Report 2014/2015 be forwarded to the Chief Executive, Managing Director and Members of each partner authority.

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