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HR and Organisational Development / People Strategy / Workforce Strategy

Meeting: 23/11/2022 - Cabinet (Item 51)

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The HR and Organisational Development Manager presented the Workforce Strategy for Members’ consideration.


Members were informed that the Workforce Strategy detailed the Council’s vision and aspirations for the authority’s workforce both at the present time and moving into the future.  The Council recognised that staff were the authority’s most valuable asset and the importance of employees having a chance to commit time to their personal development.


There were three key themes in the strategy:


·             Workforce planning and development.

·             Staff engagement.

·             The health, safety and wellbeing of staff.


Following the presentation of the report, Members discussed the content of the strategy and in doing so questioned how the strategy would be promoted to staff.  Cabinet was informed that the strategy would be available for staff to access on the Council’s intranet.  In addition, the content of the strategy would be embedded into all working practices and other policies and procedures would link back to the content of the strategy.


Consideration was also given to how the Council could promote the authority’s approach to people management at a challenging time for recruiting staff into the public sector, but particularly local government.  Officers clarified that opportunities would be offered to staff to develop their skills whilst working for the Council as well as opportunities for promotion internally.


RESOLVED that the approach taken by the Chief Executive, as Head of Paid Service, to address the Workforce Strategy be endorsed.