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Forward Plan of Key Decisions

Meeting: 06/07/2021 - Overview and Scrutiny Board (Item 13)

13 Cabinet Work Programme pdf icon PDF 365 KB

The next edition of the Cabinet Work Programme will be published on 1st July 2021, after the publication of the main agenda pack for this meeting. A copy of the work programme will therefore be included in an additional papers pack.


Officers explained that there had been a number of changes to the Cabinet Work Programme which would result in changes to the Board’s Work Programme.


It was highlighted that the Update on Open Spaces Report which had been requested by Members at the Board meeting held in March 2021 and appeared on the work programme would now be a more formal report considered by Cabinet at their next meeting and would be available for the Board to pre-scrutinise.


Members queried the inclusion of the Bromsgrove Centres Manager – 2021 Action Plan and it was confirmed that this item was still due to be considered by the Board however the title had been amended and was now entitled Bromsgrove Town Centre Management Strategy – 2021 Action Plan.


RESOLVED that the Cabinet work Programme be noted.