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Calendar of Meetings 2013/14

Meeting: 20/03/2013 - Standards Committee (this Committee has now been combined wit the Audit, Standrds and Governance Committee and no longer meets) (Item 23)

Calendar of Meetings 2013/14

[Members are asked to note the following provisional dates for the meetings of the Committee in 2013/14:


  • Thursday 11th July 2013;
  • Thursday 10th October 2013;
  • Thursday 9th January 2014; and
  • Thursday 3rd April 2014.


All meetings will commence at 6.00pm unless special arrangements are agreed with the members of the Committee.]



Members were asked to note the provisional meeting dates for the Committee for the 2013/14 Municipal Year.  Officers advised that the proposed dates were unlikely to change and that all of the meetings would be taking place on Thursdays and not Wednesdays as noted in the agenda.


RESOLVED that the meeting dates be noted.